Getting Financed

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Financing a vehicle is based on many factors, of which a person's credit is only a small part. A persons income, time on job, how long they have lived at their present address, and FICO score are all considerations in getting a vehicle loan. A FICO score is different than a credit score. This is a prediction score based on credit history and active accounts and is broken down in the following way:

Payment History (35%)
Debt/Amounts Owed (30%)
Age of Credit History (15%)
New Credit/Inquiries (10%)
Mix of Accounts/Types of Credit (10%)

Lenders will determine your down payment requirements and interest rates based on these factors as well as the determined loan value of the vehicle you are looking at.

Requirements for an Auto Loan

  1. Valid Driver's License

  2. Valid Social Security Number

  3. Full Coverage Auto Insurance

  4. 10 References (Some customers may require less)

  5. Proof of Income

  6. Proof of Residence (Any bill or statement with applicant's name and address on it)

  7. Land Line or Cell Phone Bill (If not in your name, then a copy of bill with the phone you answer)

Not all customers will qualify for an auto loan. Most people can qualify for some sort of a loan. However, if you have a low FICO score or any other challenging factors in your history, then you may be required to have a larger down payment and a higher interest rate.

Kris E.

Sales Manager

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