Finance Application Information

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In order for us to submit your information as soon as possible, please print this page, fill out and fax to Best Auto at 425-408-8600.  You can also print, fill out, scan and e-mail it to

Vehicle Information:

Make: __________ Model: __________ Year: ______ Price: $__________Down Payment: $___________

Credit Information:

First Name: ______________________ Middle Initial _____   Last Name: _________________________

E-Mail:_________________________       Address: _____________________________________________

City: ___________________                          State: _______                  Zip Code: ____________

Housing Type (Check one):     Own_____                Rent_____             Military_____      Other_____

Monthly Rent/Mortgage Payment: $___________ How long at this address? _____ Years _____ Months

Previous address (if less than 2 years at current address): ______________________________________

Previous City: ______________________      Previous State: _______   Previous Zip Code: ____________

Home Phone: (           ) _______-____________                        Work Phone: (           ) _______-____________

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy): _____/_____/_______    Social Security Number: _______-_____-________

Driverís License Number: _____________________________________

Current Employer Name: _______________________ Current Employer Phone: (         ) _____-________

Current Employer Address: ______________________________________________________________

Applicantís Occupation: ___________________________         Time on Job: _____ Years _____ Months

Gross Income (Yearly): $__________________                     Net Income (Monthly): $__________________

Previous Employer Name (if less than 2 years with current employer): ____________________________

Previous Employer Phone: (         ) _____-________Employer Address: ____________________________

Time on Previous Job: _____ Years_____ Months              Job Position: ____________________________

Other Sources of Income: ____________________________ Other Income (Monthly): $_____________

By signing below and faxing or e-mailing this application you are permitting Best Auto to check your

credit and are certifying that the information provided is correct:

Applicant Signature: ____________________________________               Date: ______/_______/________